Data Recovery Tools Training

We provide training for usage of our data recovery tools, which includes Head replacement tools, Head unstick tools and Spindle replacement tools, originaly developed by HddSurgery.

The training doesn't include data recovery lessions, only the instructions how to properly use HddSurgery tools. The price of the training depends of the number of attendees and days required to hold the course.

We organize the training in our office in Belgrade (Serbia). 

The training has a theoretical and a practical part; In the teoretical part attendees learn about the history of our company and products, as well as the principles of hard drive's mechanics.

The practical part is organised as live demonstrations of our tools in work. During this part, attendees learn how to perform head swaping on various drives and models using our Head replacement tools, how to unstick the heads using the Head unstick tools and how to replace the jammed bearing on a hard drive using the Spindle replacement tool.

The training covers solving the problems with physical malfunction of the hard drive and generally provides advanced mechanical knowledge regarding the hard drives.

For all necessary information about the training contact us on or fill the form below.