Head Replacement Tools

Head replacement tools are professional data recovery tools designed for safe and simple process of replacing a defective hard disk drive head.

The general idea behind HddSurgery tools was to make sure that the process of replacing damaged hard drive heads goes with no errors.

The use of HddSurgery tools prevents the ferromagnetic read/write heads to come in any kind of contact with the platter i.e. disk surface or other read/write heads.

To ensure that, these tools are made of strong duraluminum, which is resistant to bending and holds read/write heads in the safe position, and enables the absolute security during head swap procedure.

With some basic procedures and short training, it is possible to let junior data recovery technicians handle complex tasks.

With the development of these tools, we are trying to eliminate the element of luck that usually accompanies the process of data recovery.


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Head Unstick Tools

Head unstick tools are devoloped for solving sticktion problem between hard drive's heads and platters on models which have ramp parking system.

Sometimes, due to a shock or malfunction, heads don't get back to the ramp and they stay on the platters and stick to them.

This prevents the motor to start rotating the platters and hard drive emits a "buzzing" sound.

The problem can be solve with Unstick tool which lifts sticked heads of the platters and safely slide them to the ramp.

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Spindle Replacement Tools

Spindle Replacement Tools uses the whole new approach to hard drives with jammed motors.

The process of data recovery from hard drives with jammed motors is usually done by transplanting the platters into another hard drive with a motor that's working.

Instead of transplanting the platters to a new hard drive, only the bearing is replaced on a patient hard drive.

This way of functioning implies that the heads, spacers and platters remain in place, while only the bearing is being replaced.

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Motor Unstuck Tools

Motor unstuck tools are used to unblock slightly jammed motors. This tools are useful when there is a hard spinning, but no need to replace bearing.

However, this tools are simple gadgets and cannot be a substitute for platter change or spindle replacement tools, but they are an alternative that needs to be checked before proceeding with some of more dificult procedures.

If motor does not free itself in 10-15 minutes, it is most likely that it will not free at all. If such thing happens, we recommend our Spindle Replacement Tool.

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Data Recovery Accessories

Data Recovery Accessories are all assisting tools that can help in data recovery process.

They come as support for head replacement, platter exchange, motor unstucking and all other physical hard drive data recovery processes. Making a drive stable minimizes the risk of damage during the process of data recovery.

These tools are universal and work on all brands and models of hard drives.

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