PC3K Monitor

PC3K Monitor is a non-commercial supporting software developed by HddSurgery team, with the approval and help from Ace Lab company from Russia. The idea behind PC3K Monitor is to provide centralized control panel which will save time and boost the productivity while working with the PC3000 software.

PC3K Monitor software is based on the Plugin–Server distribution model with the user interface included. Server unit collects data from all PC3000 units which tasks you want to monitor using the desktop and smartphone app.

The main feature of the PC3K Monitor is to enable fast task overview and management on more than one PC3000 cards which are located in one or more offices, using the advantages of Android, iOS and Windows platforms.

PC3K Monitor is currently in Phase 1 and can be used on desktop computers with Windows OS (Server, Plugin and User app) as well as devices with Android OS (User app). It is necessary to install the Server and Plugin app in order to have both User app versions (Windows and Android OS) active. Version for devices with iOS is currently in developing process and will be available soon.

System requirements:

Plugin, Server, Remote: Windows XP SP3 or newer and .NET Framework 4

Plugin: PC3000 Express, UDMA-E 6.2.118 with DataExtractor 5.5.2 or newer 

Server, Remote: Outside of the local network internet connection and port-forwarding on router is necessary

Remote mobile: Android 4.0 or newer

Read the full Manual and Video guide for the installation and the usage of the software. If you have any questions or advice, send us a message using the contact form below or on email support (at) hddsurgery.com