HDDS Max DM10/DM9/D540X-4D

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Product Description

This head replacement tool (Head Comb) is made for safe and easy head change on following series of Maxtor hard drives:


Maxtor DiamondMax 16
Maxtor DiamondMax 10
Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9
Maxtor D540X-4D



6Y060M0 6Y080M0 6Y120M0 6Y160M0 6Y200M0 6Y250M0 6L120M0/6B120M0 6L160M0/6B160M0/6V160E0 6L200M0/6B200M0/6V200E0 6L250S0/6B250S0/6V250F0 6L300S0/6B300S0/6V300F0 6V320F0



6Y040L0 6Y060L0 6Y080L0/6Y080P0 6Y120L0/6Y120P0 6Y160L0/6Y160P0 6Y200P0 6Y250P0 4R060J0/4R060L0 4R080J0/4R080L0 4R120J0/4R120L0
4R160J0/4R160L0 6L120P0 6L160P0/6B160P0 6L200P0/6B200P0 6L250R0/6B250R0 6L300R0/6B300R0 4D040H2 4D060H3 4D080H4

During the whole procedure of head replacement, heads and platters have absoulutely no contact. Heads are lifted over the NON-data area and safely guided over the platters. In process of installing back the donor head, same procedure needs to be done. Heads are guided over the platters with no contact and safely deployed in non-data area.

*This tool comes as a single piece, not in pair.