HDDS WDC Venice(R)/Carmel(R)/ApolloCR

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HddSurgery™ WDC Venice(R)/Carmel(R)/ApolloCR represents a set of head replacement tools which can be used to safely and easily replace heads on the Western Digital 3.5" hard drives with 1, 2 or 3 platters which “park their read/write heads” on a ramp. 


Set contains 3 pairs of head replacement tools: WDC 3.5” ramp P1, WDC 3.5” ramp P2 and WDC 3.5” ramp P3*


These head replacement tools are used to ensure that the heads do not touch each other in proces of replacement and to enable their easy mounting back to the ramp.


*These tools don't solve the head compatibility problem. They will only assure that the process of head replacement goes easily on supported drives.