Track all tasks from PC3000 on a smartphone - PC3K Monitor

Everybody in data recovery business knows that cloning patients does not finish when the working time is over.


This process may last from several hours to several days, sometimes even weeks.


It often happens that data recovery engineers need to monitor these tasks from their home during non-working time and this is usually done by some available applications for remote desktop access, like TeamViewer for example.


However, this option can be a bit hard for the engineers because many windows have to be open at the same time, especially if they need to check more than one computer with PC3000 card.


Solution for data recovery industry


HddSurgery team recognized this problem and worked on a solution which can put all running tasks in a single window.


Two years ago we introduced PC3K Monitor, a desktop/smartphone app which was a solution to this problem.


The solution was developed by a HddSurgery team in cooperation with AceLab company which recognized the potential of the app.


This announcement attracted so much attention and we soon got a lot of positive reviews from the data recovery community.


The installation process of that version required setting up the server and ports, installation of all plugins and desktop&smartphone app.


Although it may seem that this process do not follow up the next>next>finish procedure like with the most of applications these days, it was a barrier for data recovery engineers.


However, we wanted to do more and simplify the installation process as much as we could.

The Version 2.0 is finished


New design, simple registration, easy installation, ability to track everything through web browsers and android app – this is the result of updating PC3K Monitor.



The new version has a few steps of installation, which can be done under 5 minutes.


The first step for an engineer is to register on page. The registration process is fast and simple.


After this step is done, the engineer needs to download and install the Plugin on every computer which has PC3000 card. This is necessary because this Plugin connects PC3000 app with the engineer's account on PC3K Monitor.


This process is a simple next>next>finish installation.


As soon as it over, the engineer needs to import the Script into the PC3000. This will assure that statistics of the tasks will be collected and transferred in a form which can be displayed in the PC3K Monitor app.


And for the end, the engineer needs to modify the Target field of the PC3000 icon shortcut. This will make an automatic script import command.


This process (plugin, script, run command) should be repeated on every computer which has PC3000, using the same credential for registration.


And that's it.


In order to monitor all the tasks go to the page for desktop/laptop devices or go to the Google Play Store and download the app for Android devices.


What is the main benefit of the app?


The app shows all the tasks from multiple computers in one, single window.


It is also possible to stop the task and put the drive in Power on/off and Sleep mode.


This can actually save the data if something goes wrong with the drive (sudden head crash for example). The engineers can recognize this if the large number of bad sectors appearing.


Is it free?


Yes, the app is free to be used and with no ads.


This is our contribution to the data recovery community. We can only imagine how many cases could have been saved if users had this app in the past.


All information about the app can be seen on the PC3K Monitor page on our website.


We hope that the community will be grateful with this upgraded solution as with all our products.


HddSurgery Team