Overview of HddSurgery projects in 2017.

Last year, as in all previous years, we have tried to raise the quality of HddSurgery products and services to a higher level. We were trying to listen to our clients carefully and based on that our team of engineers have prepared a set of conceptual solutions for head replacement procedures.


The HddSurgery team had only one thing on their mind – clients should be given more than they could expect.


During the realization of these ideas, the development of new tools was not going smoothly - researching, presentation of ideas, selection, evaluation, design, production, testing, rejection some of the prototypes, preparation of new solutions, re-design... until the moment we did not get the final version of our products with the best performance.  


Our first tool in 2017. was the Platter Stand for 2.5'' drives. Previously we introduced Platter Stand as a part of our data recovery accessories category and our clients were very satisfied with it.



The Platter Stand tools were found very handy when it is necessary to perform detailed platter analysis and cleaning.


After the Platter Stand 2.5'', we introduced our most sophisticated product so far – Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet M.




This product incorporates all the standard features of an ordinary Laminar Flow Cabinet, enhanced with several Data recovery oriented aspects. Our engineering team has accented the design and the visual appearance of this product, while maintaining the ergonomic requirements.

We were glad to see our Laminar Cabinet, becoming a part of Clean rooms in various data recovery companies around the world.


During May, we announced two new head replacement tools that got the most attention - WD 2.5'' Slim set and Sea 2.5'' Slim set.




WD 2.5" Slim Set and Sea 2.5" Slim Set  represent the pair of head replacement tools which can be used to safely and easily replace heads on the Western Digital and Seagate 2.5" Slim hard drives with 1-2 platters which “park" their read/write heads on a ramp.


These drives were the biggest problem for data recovery engineers as there was no standardized solution in a form of tool for the head replacement process. Our two sets solved this critical step and allowed data recovery engineers to easily replace the heads.


After these tools we announced Sea 2.5'' Ramp set 2 which supports newer Seagate 2.5'' drives on the market – ST1750LM000, ST2000LM005, ST2000LM003, ST3000LM016, ST3000LM024, ST4000LM016, ST4000LM024...



Now, when we look back trough the 2017, we could say that our tools most certainly enhanced data recovery success rates and ensured a lot of satisfied clients.


We will certainly do our best to justify our client loyalty for the 2018. and for now would like to announce we will dedicate special attention to diagnostic devices, especially in the field of audio diagnostics of hard drives.


We would also like to announce specialized software solutions to assist engineers and administration in managing data recovery tasks.


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Your HddSurgery team






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