Over 12.000 drives from our data recovery partner program

At the beginning of the year we announced Partner Data Recovery program for data recovery companies worldwide, with the idea to officially offer professional, fast and high quality service for all types of media.


Although the Partner program existed before, this announcement helped closing the deals with several new data recovery companies since the official call for partnership was released.


So far we’ve passed the number of 12.000 drives received throughout the years from various data recovery companies and PC repair shops around the globe.


Such success can be described as trust in HddSurgery’s more then a decade long research and development in the field of data recovery.


overall statistics

The statistics from our Job Organizer system



The statistics of the cases



Speaking about the devices, we’ve had various cases –  logical problems, bad sectors and firmware. However, the biggest percentage is held by hard drives with severe mechanical problems such as head damage and jammed motor.


On the Column chart below you can see the list and number of devices (not only HDD) by the brands:


brand statistics 

Number of devices by brands (November 2018)




As seen, Western Digital has ’’won’’ the first place with with 4074 (27%), Seagate 3877 (25%), Samsung 1798 (12%), Hitachi 1152 (7%), Toshiba 821 (5%) and so on.


On the second Column chart you may see the list of device models which were coming from the partners:




Number of devices by models (November 2018)



What are the benefits for the partners?


Summarizing all the results and experience, we can say that our partners believe in well-established data recovery process where every step can be managed and tracked easily.


The terms (operational price, high quality staff, success rate, time of delivery) which we offer are usually accepted, but the quality of the whole service is the main reason of the acceptance.


Using our Job Organizer software, our partners, i.e. Dealers can create, manage and track the status of their cases and follow up the task history.


 job organizer

 Job Organizer system - Jobs section 


This had a positive effect on the time management since all data is visible and at the partner’s disposal. The partners have more time to research the market and put an additional effort in marketing in order to attract more clients.


Such actions bring benefits to both teams.


Finally, we just want to express the gratitude to our partners, with a wish that the following years are busier, green and always successful.



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