Organize your data recovery company with Job Organizer 3.13


Job Organizer 3.13 is a software solution developed to help your data recovery company simplify the usage of procedures and activities that are necessary steps in order for the entire system to function.


The software is a symbiosis of activities that need to complete financial, technical and all other internal procedures necessary for a single company to run easy and with no problems.


What can be proven to be a problem is how to manage so much administration and internal procedures.


For last 15 years the HddSurgery team was designing software that connects all the specific procedures required to successfully run a data recovery company. The result was the software in which we implemented knowledge and experience which we gained while working on vairous data recovery cases.  


Introduction to Job Organizer 3.13


The software is not a simple web service, it is a complex solution that requires PHP 7 based server (Apache or NGINX) on your location.




Job organizer 3.13 combines the characteristics of CRM and ERP solutions tailored to a specific sphere such as data recovery, so in one place we can see:


- All cases
- All devices (patients, clones, donors, stock items...)
- All file lists
- All invoices and bills
- All users (admins, sales, engineers, dealers...)


 All of these dimensions above are organized in cards/pages in the sidebar manu, leaving enough space for the single pages.


Which are the main cards in Job organizer?


The main cards in Job organizer 3.13 are meant for a full control over group of similar procedures. This allows the natural flow in and between the activities, leaving no room for mistake.


Let's begin with the cards.




All cases are organized on a single panel (Jobs) where there are two job viewing pages - View all jobs and Overview.



View all jobs contains all jobs in the form of columns with columns and filters such as Priority, Client, Status, Case Info, Assigned engineer.


The Overview is expanded to View all jobs optimized for viewing on large monitors.


Single job card


All data that is key to the job is entered into the system and visible in the job panel. It is possible to issue an Admission form here as a confirmation for the client that he handed over the device.


The general tab shows statuses and comments that are visible only to employees, as well as client-side comments.




Setting up a diagnosis and adding a business device (Clone and donors) can be edited in the Job Devices tab, adding costs and issuing billing in the Billing and Invoices tabs.


All the changes you enter for a single job can be found in the Job History tabs, and in the log tab you can see all actions performed in the work (adding and deleting clones, donors, assigning jobs, etc.).


File lists


Our idea when creating such a system was the possibility of online signing up and checking the status of the job. This is enabled by creating a Clients panel.


Here clients can see all the comments entered in the Client note (General tab), and the most important thing is the ability to view the list of saved data online.



The list is generated by a special program. It represents a simple and user-friendly view of recovered files, with special flags for bad files and files with bad headers.


The File list does not allow clients to download the file, only the possibility to see the structure of files and folders discovered during the recovery procedure.


All data recovery devices in one place - Inventory


In order to ensure optimal use of resources (donors and clones), all devices used for the DR process are in one card called Inventory.


View all items gives us a tabular overview of all items divided according to manufacturers, type, form factor and status.



From this table, users can easily change the position and type of items.


Card Disks in use contains all clone devices that are currently assigned to a certain case, while the Release from jobs contains the lists of clones which remained as a backup for recovered data after the case is closed and can be safely removed from a case and reused for another.


We usually keep client data for 14 days just for case something happened with the drive containing recovered data which client used for copying.


These drives are completely wiped after the experiment period and used drives will appear in Release from jobs card notifing the users that they are available for cloning again.


Stock items


The Job organizer also allows users to hold and organize items for sale (card Stock) within the system. This item has information about the status, type, seller source and purchase date.





This card holds all invoices and bills.


Users can easily generate invoices from Jobs, add additional costs and stock items and send them via email. From invoices users can create payment instructions and Bills for clients.



Users and Groups


All users, groups, roles and permissions can be managed in this card.


This way of organizing the users leaves a possibility for generating Dealers (partners) who will be able to submit, view, edit and close cases, depending on the permission we gave to them.



Having Dealers included in the system like this way saves a lot of time for the management and reduce the possibility of mistake when organizing the priorities and resources.




The benefit of this software is the data recovery process optimization and production monitoring.


All steps necessary for a successful management are implemented and covered into the software allowing business owners, sales crew, engineers, dealers and clients to fast and user friendly tool to use.


The Job organizer efficiency and compatibility for data recovery process is proven in HddSurgery and this let us to conclude that other companies should have a chance to improve their own system by implementing our solution.


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Hi to all, please contact as on for any question regarding the Job Organizer ....Kind regards, HddSurgery


need a job Job Organizer


I will like to receive more information about the software, and if is run any demo. Thanks

Carlos Leon

Looking pretty good... let me know if you guys have an english based version that has a 6 month demo. 1 month demos are never enough time for us to evaluate if a product works for us or not. And, reliably - if we don't have time to become DEPENDENT on the item - we never wind up purchasing/subscribing. Thank you - and no matter what, even if I didn't use the product - it's absolutely a huge accomplishment. Have you guys thought about expanding it to do more than just recovery? Perhaps computer repairs, in general?