First in the world! Seagate Helium data recovery service


 Dear clients,


On this occasion, we would like to inform you that our team of experts, after extensive research and development, has successfully engineered an innovative procedure tailored to data recovery from Seagate Helium hard drives.

Our solution allows full access to firmware data and building a head map. We can solve problems such as firmware issues, head crashes, motor problems, and others. We are currently the only laboratory that can offer such service in the world, providing a comprehensive data recovery service for a range of Seagate Helium hard drive models.

The supported models are as follows:

Seagate ST12000NE0007, Seagate ST10000VN000, Seagate ST14000NE0008, Seagate ST12000VN0008,

Seagate ST16000NE0000, Seagate ST12000NM000J, Seagate ST18000NE0000, Seagate ST14000NM000J,

Seagate ST20000NE0000, Seagate ST16000NM000J, Seagate ST22000NT0001, Seagate ST18000NM000J


What advantages do Helium-filled drives offer?

Amplified Storage Capacity: Helium's unique properties allow for an increased number of platters and read/write heads within the same space, facilitating larger storage capacities of up to 16 terabytes and beyond.

Elevated Overall Performance: Helium drives surpass traditional air-filled counterparts by ensuring smoother disk rotation, resulting in faster data transfer rates and reduced seek times.

Efficient Power Consumption: Harnessing the power of helium, these drives operate with reduced drag and resistance, translating to energy savings for both operational costs and environmental impact.

Enhanced Reliability: The stable environment created by helium mitigates turbulence and wear on mechanical components, elevating the reliability and lifespan of the drive.

Helium hard drives represent the pinnacle of technological advancement in data storage. Their expanded capacity, heightened performance, efficient power usage, and enhanced reliability position them as a pivotal choice for safeguarding critical data.


If you have lost crucial data from your Seagate Helium hard drive or any other type of data storage media, kindly visit us, call us, or reach out to us at Our experts will assess your situation and initiate the data recovery process.


Thank you for entrusting us with your data recovery needs.

Your HDDSurgery.