SURVEY: Most often used HDDSurgery's tool?

Dear friends and colleagues...


At HDDSurgery, we had to think about which our tool you're using the most in your day-to-day data recovery work. So we conducted a community-wide survey, and here are the results.


The top spot was claimed by the HDDS Sea 2,5''Slim Set with 29.1% of the total votes. Industry has spoken. Significant margin tells us that this tool has been a great asset to many members of our community.

Yet, we also took an internal poll. Our lead engineer at HelpDisc, Aleksa Simijonović shared his thoughts about topic.


I agree, the HDDS Sea 2.5'' Slim Set is a pretty handy tool. But if you ask me, no tool can top the Head Holder in our day-to-day work. Because he is so reliable, and we can count on him when we’re dealing with mechanical failures such as hard drive heads replacements. That's helps us to ensure precise use and no further damage occurs during the process. It makes our work faster, easier and more efficient.


For all the above reasons, in our lab, Head Holder is the star perfomer, everyday. Some data recovery companies maybe use this tool just as a nice prop, but not us. You can tell by its slight discoloration, haha.



Chatting with Aleksa added some extra flavor to our results. We thank all participants in the survey for their support and responses.


Stay tuned for more updates as we strive to provide you with the best tools and solutions for your data recovery needs.



HDDSurgery team