July special offer on platter stands

July hot offer is coming, are you ready for this wave of heat?


If you have been trying to find a suitable tool for professional platter inspection, stop searching.

HddSurgeryTM Platter Stand 3.5'' and Platter Stand 2.5” are designed to enable the data recovery specialist to safely store and inspect the platters from 3.5'' and 2.5” drives, while they are removed from the hard drive assembly. 

The Platter Stand tools were found very handy when it is necessary to perform detailed platter analysis and cleaning.



The tool comes in a form of a modular multi-part platter-carrying subassemblies, mounted on a single base and connected among themselves using precisely machined joints.

Every part is made of stainless steel, making the assembly suitable to store the platters without compromising the security of their delicate ferromagnetic coated layers.


Get your Platter Stand with “melted” price of 199 Eur + shipping


This promotion will be active during July 2020 and in this time period only you will be able to purchase Platter Stands with a special price of 199 Eur.

There are two available options for delivery: express delivery via UPS/FedEx or low cost shipping via Post Office.


For the offer please contact us on sales@hddsurgery.com


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