Interview with Mike Montgomery from MjM Data Recovery Ltd

1. Hello Mike, please tell us about yourself and your role in MJM Data recovery.


Hi, I am Mike Montgomery, Managing Director of MjM Data Recovery Ltd in the UK. We set up the company in 1999 and before that was named MjM Computer Publishing where we did a whole range of computer services - including Data recovery from the late 1980's as a part time business mainly doing back up and computer repairs and installations.


MjM Data Recovery Ltd.


2. What is your history with data recovery?


Started recovering data using Norton disk doctor from floppies in the 1980's as part of the serviced we provided as MjM Computer Publishing, we went online in 1992 and by 1999 data recovery had become the biggest income source. So we set up MjM Data Recovery and built up a specialist DR business based on previous knowledge of file systems and developed that with learning about hard disk hardware, electronics and other storage device mechanics.


3. We have witnessed a lot of innovations for data storage and everything has a good and bad side. Which of these innovations can cause the problems in the future?


The biggest challenge I can see in the near future is that Helium filled drives will be difficult to work on as the current versions have the lids welded on meaning mechanical failures will not be easy. Refilling the drives with He will not be such a problem once valve types are known and available for existing suppliers of He Gas.


4. Regarding data recovery from hard drives, how did you find out about HddSurgery?


I first heard about HDD Surgery in around 2009 when we bought the Seagate

7200.10 and 7200.11 head combs and the Seagate Bearing Replacement Tool.


5. In your opinion, what are the advantages of using HddSurgery tools?


It made a very awkward job very simple. I was so impressed the ease of head removal and replacement that over the years I have built up almost the entire collection of Head combs.


The advantage of the tools:


 - Using the head combs means that spares are not wasted no more sliding heads over platters while rotating the

   spindle means almost zero chance of damage to donor parts.


 - The head swap process is much easier than ever before by following the instructions and videos the process

   is quick, clean and simple.


6. There are new people (technician, engineers…) in data recovery world every day. Would you recommend HddSurgery tools for the freshmen?


I would recommend the tools to all data recovery businesses, the usefulness of the tools only becomes apparent the first time you use them, then you are hooked!


7. Speaking of the new people and innovations, what future holds for MJM Data Recovery?


The future of data recovery is that hard disks will be with us for some considerable time yet. Eventually it will all change to Sold State, by which time the data recovery industry will have changed forever.


8. In the end, do you have any message for HddSurgery? Maybe some new problem to take care of? :) 


Just keep on doing what you are doing. Develop new combs for new drives as they appear look at modifications/add-ons to the Bearing Swap Tool so other drives can be done.


MjM Data Recovery Ltd. is a data recovery company from Gamlingay, United Kingdom, that recovers data from various types of media.