Interview with Ivan Jurić from DataSector

A year with Job Organizer V 3.13



Almost two years ago when we announced Job Organizer V 3.13 our colleagues from data recovery industry had nothing but very positive reactions.


Our software was made from scratch and offers a complete solution made only for data recovery companies. This kind of software has filled the gap that existed on the market since there were no solutions that covered every aspect of data recovery process.


Until recently, companies that operate in the Data recovery industry used much more complex, expensive and incomplete ERP solutions. Such solutions are basically extensive accounting software and very little rely on the real needs for cataloging, monitoring the process, displaying the final result of a data recovery within a single Data Recovery company.


The benefits of our software were recognized by some of our colleagues and today we have a chance to speak with Ivan Jurić from DataSector, one of the first companies that started using the Job organizer.



Q: Hi Ivan, how are you? May you please introduce yourself and DataSector?


A: Now I’m great! :) We just finished a big RAID project that was stressing us out.


My name is Ivan Jurić and i am a CEO at DataSector. The DataSector is a professional data recovery laboratory situated in Zagreb, Croatia. We recover data from hard drives, RAID/SAN/NAS systems, solid state drives, flash drives and memory cards. 



Q: How is the situation with data recovery these days?  What are the biggest challenges?


A: Data recovery procedures have improved rapidly in recent years but drives and the storage space has increased drastically. Big storage takes more time to extract data, since you need at least to read and copy the entire data capacity.


For example, simply reading all the data from a 6 terabyte disk takes about 8 hours given that the average read speed is 90 MB/s. Should I even mention SMR disks like the beloved Seagate rosewood?



Q: You have been using the Job organizer for some while. How long did it take to get used to new solution?


A: We use Job organizer every day. It takes us literally two days to get used to the new solution.





Q: How and in what way has Job Organizer affected your business?


A: Job organizer gives us clean look on everyday tasks, who is doing what, what jobs need attention, etc. In short - make our job so much faster and easier.



Q: What is the feature that you find the most useful?


A: We like many features of Job Organizer like organization of drives (donor, patient, clone...), but most useful - File List, definitely!


Q: Do you think that ’’File List’’ option gave you an advantage over the competitors?


A: Yes, File List gave us advantage, that's for sure. We have just yesterday received another congrats from our client for quick, easy and informative process of verification recovered data via File List.





Q: If you compare the previous solution that you used and Job Organizer, what is its biggest benefits and disadvantages?


A: The biggest benefit is that Job Organizer is built by a Data Recovery company for Data Recovery company. It connects all steps and documents in process in our company. Disadvantages? Bug here and there, but nothing major. And support is superb!


Q: Do you have some advice how to improve the Job Organizer and do you have some advice for people that are reading this blog post?


A: Just keep doing a good job and try Job Organizer. It will change your business for good :)


Thank you so much for your time, we wish you many dead drives in the future :)