Interview with Greg Grill from CBL Data Recovery

We had an opportunity to speak with Greg Grill from CBL Data Recovery Company.


1. Hi, please tell us something about CBL Data Recovery Company.

CBL Data Recovery Technologies focus on providing a transparent pricing system and quality customer service, while understanding your privacy and time.

Many of our competitors offer ‘Free Quotes’ or ‘Free Evaluation’. We know that nothing is ever ‘free’ and that your eventual quote will always include the cost of evaluating your device. This is of no benefit to you because we know that all you want is to;

- Retrieve your data
- Know how much it’s going to cost and
- Achieve those two things in the quickest possible time.



2. What separates CBL Data Recovery from competition?

We have the experience and support that allows us to deal with any data recovery issues that our client’s need solutions for. We are constantly investing in new methods and hardware to keep us on the front line of data recovery. Along with new training and qualifications to make sure that we continue to lead the way in Data Recovery not only in Australia, but all over the world.


3. New technology is coming – mobile phones, helium drives, SSDs…What is your opinion about the future of data recovery today?

I believe it’s constantly evolving, and CBL is posed to move forward as new technology is introduced. There will always be a need for data recovery, and it’s our job to make sure we are on the bleeding edge of it, and willing to adapt to an ever changing landscape. But we have the expertise and commitment, in bringing our clients the latest data recovery methods and techniques.




4. Who will win the race – HDD or flash technology? Will standard HDD technology survive?


That’s a hard question, HDD will be around for at least the next 10 years, maybe even 15, but as new technology is realized and brought to market, I believe flash tech or some variant of it will take over the market. HDD’s will be fazed out, much like the cd is being done today.


5. It seems that slim HDDs (WD10SPCX or ST2000LM007 for example) are becoming popular. Would you like to have tools for solving the head problems on this type of drives?

Yes and yes. Funny enough before this interview we had sent enquires to HDD Surgery, requesting info
on when and if you’d be making tools for both of those drives. Slim drives can be very difficult to work
on due to the size of the parts and how much space they allow in between the parts. A new set of tools
would be a welcomed addition.


6. How did you find out about HddSurgery?


I had used HDD Surgery tools in the past and their reputation on forums and with other data recovery
specialists had always been great. I’m happy to be using them once again at CBL Data Recovery.


7. What is your opinion about our tools?


They are specialized and well made. The attention to detail and the high quality metal sets them apart
from other tools in the market. I wouldn’t wish to use any other tools, especially after using cheaper and
not as well made head replacement tools in the past.



8. Do you use our Firmware Database service?


We currently do not, but have fixed that as of today. We will be making use of this great service you
have provided.


9. We recently released the PC3K Monitor software, did you get a chance to try it out?


Not yet, but it’s on the list. Keep releasing these great new products and our whole lab will be filled with
Hdd surgery software and tools.


10. After few years of research and development, our Laminar flow Class 100 cabinet is almost ready
for release. What is your opinion, is it necessary to use a Clean cabinet while performing head replacement or
platter swap operations?

I believe it’s quite important to use a clean cabinet or work in a clean room while performing head
replacement or platter swaps. The HDD is in a vulnerable state when it’s been pulled apart and even a
very small amount of dust or dirt can effect the outcome of a head replacement. The more sterile and
controlled environment that you can work in, gives you the best chance of a successful outcome when it
comes to data recovery.


11. Finally, does the CBL crew have some advice for HddSurgery?


Just keep doing what it is you do so well. Also, some new tools for the slim drives certainly wouldn’t hurt either, and an updated manual for your tools, along with a head alignment guide would also be great.


CBL Data Recovery Company is a professional data recovery company from Australia. 


My name is Mostafa Saqallah and I lived in the Middle East in "Kuwait". I honestly one of the strongest fan in your company and your website specially your Facebook page and I am following strictly and regularity of all creating

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My name is Mostafa Saqallah and I lived in the Middle East in "Kuwait". I honestly one of the strongest fan in your company and your website specially your Facebook page and I am following strictly and regularity of all creating tools to repair the HDD. Actually I wish I could put on a course you have to learn more ways to repair all Hard Drives. Really wish you all the best from my heart. Have a great day. Mostafa Saqallah +965-99497422

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