Interview with Adrian Merdariu from Serman Recuperación de Datos

1. Hello Adrian, can you tell us something about ''Serman Recuperación de Datos''?


- Serman was the first laboratory in Spain and one of the first in Europe starting in this field in 1989. Currently we remain a market reference, we have experienced an exponential increase in the volume of recoveries while downhill in prices. We bet the steady increase in quality and not only focused on the recovery process but in communication with the client.


2. What is your opinion on the future of data recovery, what kind of challenges are ahead us?


 - I believe that the future will be an exciting one, probably the challenges will be more in software development than hardware mechanics. No doubt about it, the development of hardware tools shouldn't be on a second plan. 

Serman Clean room


3. Do you think that Helium hard drives will see a commercial success, or maybe SSD drives will be the most common on the market?


- Actually i hope that both technologies can compete and so we would have a more vast work environment. But it's true that SSD technology is becoming quite common and a lot of users go the solid state way. 


4. How often do you receive drives with scratched platters, and do your clients accept partial data recovery in case of cloning without some of the heads?


- Lately we are receiving a lot of manipulated drives and most of the times platter damage is sever. In this cases when there is not an option of a better result the most of them accept the partial recovery.  

HddSurgery tool


5. How much would you value a device that detects platter damage?


- Now that wold be a device that wouldn't miss on my lab. 


6. How did you hear about HddSurgery tools?


- On recovery forums.


7. In your opinion, what are the advantages of using HddSurgery tools?


- Better rate of success,  small marge of error or platter/head damage in the progress. This kind of tools helps us to perform clean hardware replacement and increase our chances to recover the user data.

HddSurgery tools in Serman


8. In the end, do you have a message for HddSurgery engineers? Concluding thoughts.


- Keep up the good work! Hopefully you guys can cover more not so common drives and come up whit new tool for platter swap and motor spindle for more models. Always a pleasure chating with you guys. Best regards!


Serman Recuperación de Datos is a professional data recovery company from Spain. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Google +.