A Closer Look at Our Latest Firmware Database Update


In our latest update to the firmware database we added 4322 firmware files and total update size is 71GB. In this update, we're introducing 20 new models and 3 new families.


The added firmwares are for following families and models:

Seagate MakaraPlus

Seagate Nemo

Seagate Cimarron

Seagate V11

Western Digital Malibu


Seagate Models:

1. ST16000NM001G (Cimarron)

11. ST4000NM0053 (Megalodon)

2. ST4000DX001 (Lombard)

12. ST31000524NS (Muskie)

3. ST4000VM000 (Lombard)

13. ST32000644NS (Muskie)

4. ST12000VN0007 (M11)

14. ST10000VN0004 (Nemo)

5. ST3000VN0001 (Makara)

15. ST3500411SV (Pharaoh)

6. ST4000NM0165 (MakaraPlus)

16. ST1000VN002 (PharaohOasis)

7. ST6000VN0041 (MakaraPlus)

17. ST500LX025 (Rosewood_8c)

8. ST32000645NS (MantaRay)

18. ST320LT022 (Sapta 15)

9. ST33000650NS (MantaRay)

19. ST250LT003 (Sapta 15)

10. ST3000NM0053 (Megalodon)

20. ST2000LM010 (Rosewood_A5)


Western Digital Model:

WD50003AZEX-00RLFA0 (Malibu)

Since 2018, we added 416GB with 37,116 firmware files and our base had 66,839 firmware downloads (698GB).

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