Firmware Database Summary

Last year we announced the Firmware Database, a free service for downloading firmware files for various types of hard drives, intended for data recovery and computer forensics proffesionals.


Creating of such service was possible due to collecting a huge amount of firmware files which was provided by HelpDisc Data recovery (HelpDisc spasavanje podataka).



Since the official release, we have received over 1,000 applications for registration, of which was approved more than 350. By today, over 50 GB firmware files were downloaded, which is about 150 MB of files per one approved account.


The firmware base is being updated once a week.


The registration process consists of two steps – in the first we collect user’s information (name, company name, website ...) and in the second, we are checking if the user is from the world of data recovery.


This way, we restrict access to the ‘’ghoust’’ users who do not have the necessary knowledge to properly use the downloaded files. Updating the firmware files can cause a damage to the drive and HddSurgery is not responsible for any consequences.


Users may contact us if they have a problem to download or cannot find the file.


Our colleague Luke Grudnoff from Day1 Data gave a short review of the Firmware Database service:


We have used HDD Surgery’s firmware database on many occasions to solve data recovery cases where we couldn’t complete without the correct firmware.


The search function is very helpful. You can search for a very particular model of drive which will save a lot of time. The details about each drive is very detailed showing microcode’s and firmware revisions etc.


Whenever we have needed firmware for a drive that we did not have ourselves we could find it straight away on HDD Surgery’s firmware database. I would highly recommend it to any data recovery company.


It is very big and a well organised firmware database that will save you time and having to maintain a firmware database yourself.


Firmware Database Disclaimer


Miloš Gizdovski
Marketing Manager at HddSurgery



Thx Nikola, i found an apparently rare fw in your db and it helped me a lot!


nice programm


Hi Balraj, please sign up in order to download the files.


Hi I have Hitachi 2tb Hdd, firmware data messing can I get any firmware P n. 0f10311 Mlc.jpk28a Fw.28a


CBL Data Recovery Australia using HDD Surgery’s firmware database many times to recovery data for our customers.

Dustin DeTorres