Introducing Our New Tool: WDC Venice(R)/Carmel(R)/ApolloCR


We are excited to expand our head replacement tools family with the latest addition!


WDC Venice(R)/Carmel(R)/ApolloCR


HddSurgery™ WDC Venice(R)/Carmel(R)/ApolloCR represents a set of head replacement tools which can be used to safely and easily replace heads on the Western Digital 3.5" hard drives with 1, 2 or 3 platters of WDC Venice, Venicer, Carmel, Carmelr and ApolloCR families.


Set contains 3 pairs of head replacement tools: WDC 3.5” ramp P1, WDC 3.5” ramp P2 and WDC 3.5” ramp P3.


These head replacement tools are used to ensure that the heads do not touch each other in proces of replacement and to enable their easy mounting back to the ramp.

This new tool offers enhanced precision and reliability, making your data recovery process more efficient than ever. 


See WDC Venice(R)/Carmel(R)/ApolloCR in action:


P.S. Enjoy 20% off on the new tool until June 10, 2024!