Interview with Hugo Adrian Francisconi from

With us today is Hugo Adrian Francisconi, an experienced data recovery engineer, from


1. Hugo Adrian, can you introduce us to your company a little? is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We are the only data recovery lab in Argentina equipped with HDDSurgery tools, a certified clean room and qualified engineers. We also maintain an extensive bank of donor hard drives for our clients. Our company constantly strives for the highest success rate possible, because of this we want to only work with the best tools, software, engineers and developers in the world.


We never want to compromise the quality of our service by using sub quality equipment. We are a boutique style company so our clients always receive personal attention and being on the 28th floor of our building means our laboratory can also boast one of the best views of the city…


2. What brought you to HDDSurgery, and what are your impressions after using our tools?


HDDSurgery tools were mentioned in a few of the blogs I follow with incredibly positive feedback so I decided to try them and I´ve never looked back. Before using HDDSurgery tools swapping the headers of an HDD was a challenge, but now it is incredibly easy with the bonus of a much higher success rate.



3. How do you see the future of Data Recovery and where do you see your company amongst it?


In the future I expect to see a shift to NAND-based flash memory (micro SD, compact flash, SSD etc) and perhaps a drop in HDD use. For example I have started to see computers with NAND memories integrated in mother boards. The challenges of data recovery for these devices can be more varied than that of HDDs which only have 3 companies producing them, in contrast there are more than 30 companies producing SSDs.  


The second challenge is the controller chip has the capacity to encrypt data and some companies are utilizing this option, making the data unrecoverable when the device fails. Another challenge to the future of data recovery is the increasing popularity of online cloud storage options though I feel despite the obvious benefits there will always be a place for data storage in physical devices like HDDs.


In we have over the last 2 years started to expand our services to these developing areas of data storage. In the future we are committed to maintaining a laboratory equipped with the latest and best hardware and software to recover all types of NAND-based flash memories as well as HDDs. The technology industry is continuously changing and developing so whatever the future holds for data storage we will be following closely.


4. Can you tell us, in your opinion, what separates HDDSurgery from other data recovery tools?


We work with HDDSurgery as they are a company that shares our values of quality and service. I think that they have some amazing engineers who spend countless hours designing their tools right down to every detail. This gives them an edge over all other data tools I have used which tend to always be of a lesser quality in materials and less precise in design.



5. How have HDDSurgery tools affected your business?


HDDSurgery has affected a lot; their tools dramatically increased our success rates recovering data. They are also more than happy to answer our questions or concerns whenever they come up so we always feel well looked after by their customer service team.


6. What would be the next tool you would most like to see coming out of our production line?


Currently we are in the market for a platter swap tool that is not only good quality but has a great rate of success as well. Since HDDSurgery only makes quality tools we would be so excited to see one from you guys.


7. We are planning to release our Laminar cabinet in the near future and we wrote an article about their usage in data recovery. What is your opinion about our conclusion?


It’s a great idea. It will be the first clean room made specifically for data recovery. Your conclusions line up with our own experiences with HDDs that have been opened in an attempt to fix them before bringing them to a data recovery laboratory. Unfortunately in these cases the data is almost certainly unrecoverable due to contamination.


We always recommend choosing a data recovery lab that works in a certified clean room and with qualified electronic engineers (whether you choose or any other laboratory) to ensure the best chance of a successful recovery.



8. Is there any advice or suggestions you would share with our engineers?


You guys have great instruction manuals, videos and images. Always clear and easy to follow, it is refreshing to have a topic like data recovery, which is incredibly complicated, presented so flawlessly. And congratulations for creating the new segment on your website to download firmware. Great addition to your already outstanding customer service. So our advice would be, keep up the great work. is a professional data recovery company from Argentina. Follow them on Facebook.