Firmware Database big update

It has been more than a year since we announced the Firmware Database, useful online library for data recovery and computer forensics experts.


Today, with almost 12.800 files, we hold one of the biggest database of the firmware files in the world. New files are uploaded weekly and we have 76.1 GB of files ready for download.


Recently we updated our database with additional 3511 files and some of the files are for the new famillies and drives:


For Seagate, we uploaded YarraX, Rosewood_A5, Rosewood_8C, Bacall, Pharaoh_Oasis, MantaRay, Megalodon and Casey famillies.


For Western Digital: Trails, SpyGlass, TresXLB2, Tresselb, FBH15SL, KOJN_RE, PebbleB, Aztec PL, DF4PL RE.


New famillies of drives   

The file list now looks like this:


WD: 6173

Seagate: 3035

Samsung 1258

Hitachi: 1327

Maxtor: 436

Toshiba: 568


We are hoping that this big update will help our collegues from data recovery and computer forensics community to solve all open cases.



A fine set of files.

Paul edmounds